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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Porn in Your Pocket

Happy New Year ! Yeah yeah, I know, it's been a while ... again. But I'm back. And will be on a regular basis.

What better topic to start the new year off with than porn, penises and life online?

I've never really been a huge fan of porn,  not the visual stuff anyhow, I've always preferred to read it and make up the scenes in my head.

Then along comes technology, people everywhere with cameras in their pockets, and what are an awful lot of guys doing? 

Taking naked selfies. It has in fact become an entire genre, with websites dedicated to it. 

And this is, I'd say, a very good thing. 

There's something endearing about all those naked cock-shots in bathrooms, changing rooms, gyms, cars, offices and bedrooms all around the world. I think you could do an entire exhibition on traveller's selfies taken in hotel rooms, it's a sub-genre in its own right. The horny salesman stuck in a foreign city for a night, such a tired old cliche, so rooted in truth though.

 There is also something about the sweet, almost innocent pride that so many guys take in their shots. "Look at me! I'm all grown up!"

And of course, there is something wonderful about seeing all those cocks. Yeah, kid, candy-shop comes to mind.

I'm also sure a lot of the selfies I've seen on tumblr and other places were never intended for public distribution, but once you take it and share it well ... I think you've got to be pretty naive if you put a naked shot of yourself out there and think it is still under your control.

But some guys are definite exhibitionists. They love how they look and they want the world to know.

It's true, most of the cocks on selfies are a good size,  average to large, small cocks are pretty much a niche-market for gay men so not so many of them on display. And I guess there is an in-built propensity for guys with big cocks to show them off more. 

I've become pretty good at spotting what's been photshopped and what hasn't by now, and man there are some really well-hung guys flashing their goods out there. And why not.

The downside of this is that it can start to give guys unrealistic ideas about their own cocks. 

It's part of the general problem gay men have with our body-image I guess. It seems you can always be bigger, more muscled, more defined, more tattooed, more of whatever. 

I was chatting with an 18 year old guy recently who was worried his was too small, but going by the pics he sent me he had absolutely nothing to worry about - it is a beautiful cock, and not small at all. But his anxiety isn't unusual at all. I reckon most guys would take an extra inch or two if they could, no matter how big or small they are now. Find a pill that makes cocks bigger and you'll make more than they did with Viagra. 

It's because of the centrality of the penis for men. I think a lot of us would consider suicide if something terrible like penile cancer  happened and we had to have our manhood chopped off. Once years ago I saw a guy with a circumcision that had gone wrong ... but that's another story.

From the moment we start to become aware of it, your cock seems to be this part of us that has its own mind, that suddenly gets hard when we don't want it to, that is the source of amazingly intense pleasure, that drives and pushes us with an intensity and urgency where nothing else but sex matters. It gets easier to control as you age, but as a teen your cock can go from best friend to embarrassing traitor in seconds. Especially if you're gay, and in a shower-room.

Back to the selfie and porn though. 

Do humans ever not bring sex into new technology? 

I swear there are porn shots now that are deliberately made to look like they've been done by amateurs. I guess as professional porn becomes less profitable there's some truth in that too. 

But having them so easy to find, so close to hand on your phone means that I can, and I have, been waiting for a coffee, standing in the Post Office, sitting on a bus and click on a link and bang! there's some hot naked guy holding up his phone in a bathroom mirror and showing me his manhood. 

Suddenly seeing images of naked men with their cocks out like this becomes normal in all sorts of spaces -  you don't need to go home and draw the curtains and take out a magazine anymore. 

It's a change, and I guess it's really going to affect the generation that grows up with all this as totally normal. Ideas of what is private and public, what is decent and indecent, they start to get blurred. If it's rude to read someone's texts over their shoulder, can you be offended if you catch them looking at porn on their phone? You're in public, but it's sort of private. And of course you can save them ...

And then people ask me why I won't lend them my phone ...