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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Food, Sex and Blogging.

I watched the movie "Julie and Julia" last night, about the blogger who spent a year cooking everything out of Julia Child's cookbook, a work of genius.

The film is not a work of genius - Amy Adams, the "Julie" character, is a whiny self-absorbed bore. I wanted way more Meryl Streep as Julia Child, so much more interesting.

But as a blogger, I appreciated what she was doing and saying. I'm a lazy blogger, I don't do it every day the way some do. I share her anxieties too - I write this stuff, but does anyone read it? Do I over-share? Do I tell too much? Do I bore people?

I hardly ever get comments here on the blog, but do on facebook, so I know some of you  do like it - or when you don't you aren't shy about telling me either.

Anyway, her gimmick of cooking her way through Julia Child made me wonder if I could do anything like that, if there was a book I could follow and blog about for a year. The Hudson and Halls cookbook maybe? Maybe one of those "Change your life in three months" programmes? But they all seemed boring.

Then it struck me - if Julia Child's was a masterpiece of introducing French cooking to the wider world, Silverstein and White's "Joy of Gay Sex" was a masterpiece of introducing the wider world of sexual pleasure for gay men. I bought it in 1979 when I was 18, but somewhere along the way it got lost. But you can still get it today.

So what if I decided to work my way through every position and activity described in the book and blog about it? Would it gain me a whole new audience?

Of course, there are practical problems - I'd need to find someone to help out for most of it - and at 50 my libido isn't quite as strong as it was when I was 20. But it could be a fun project to set up for the year.

Where The Joy of Gay Sex works so well is that they were able to describe sex in a convincing, calm and open way. Writing about sex is actually difficult, it's too easy to slip into bad porn, or go to the other extreme and not say enough. it'd be a challenge - but let's see.

On a related note - sex - a guy contacted me online the other day, saying "I want you to breed me, I want to have your HIV+ cum in me and get poz myself. I want to fuck you raw."

My first reaction was to put on my "educators" hat and explain why this wasn't a good idea and maybe he should go get some counselling, living with HIV isn't easy etc. Then I thought "Fuck it, let's mess with his head" so I said "Yeah, I'd be up for that, the trouble is I take all my HIV meds regularly and my viral load has been undetectable for years, so I could probably dump 5 loads up your hole and you wouldn't get infected, sorry. Still wanna fuck though?"

Never heard back from him - I guess I destroyed his fantasy.

And what I said is true. Your chances of getting HIV from somone like me are tiny. It's not impossible, but the odds are it won't happen. It's having bareback sex with guys who don't know their status that is most dangerous, or guys who know they are poz but not taking any medication. Not that this I'd let an HIV neg guy have bareback sex with me anyhow.

I just thought his reaction was interesting - his big dirty jack-off fantasy about "seeding and breeding" suddenly crashed to earth.

And it just struck me - maybe this is my first entry in my "Joy of Sex" blog?


cdmmw said...

I love reading your blog, Michael, and I know others who do also. We may not say so every time, but we appreciate what you say and think you strike it just right. So please keep on.

angelboi said...

Interesting perspective. Possibly this also covers the justification of people preferring to watch BB porn, but wont engage in unsafe activity in reality? Or perhaps it was your bold directness in messing with his head that made him run in the opposite direction lol. Those are just two different angles that first came to mind.

Now onto Julie & Julia. I liked it the first time I saw it, but last night when it came on, my flatmate and I almost leapt for the remote to change the channel. Instead we put on another Meryl Streep movie that neither of us had seen before, "It's Complicated" with Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. Was quite good, very funny and enjoyable. So back to J&J.... I agree, I dont think that the Julie character was very .... watchable.

Kay said...

Maybe its time to do an update of The Joy of Gay Sex for literacy challenged guys and those with short attention spans? A video blog might do? If you feel that a 50 year old stud might need help, assemble a stable of younger studs so that you can supervise and "show how its done" when needed.

Someone with money would need to bankroll this. With the successful British defence in the prosecution of Michael Peacock for sale of gay BDSM DVDs (see #ObscenityTrial on Twitter or Google) maybe s Brit filmmaker would fron with the $. Lots of public interest in trial descriptions and demonstrations of fisting and other fun activities.

Kay said...

Have you been following the British Obscenity Trial? Here's a link to a blog recapping some of the highlights, more suited to an R18 site than my Facebook page :-)

The Gay Blade said...

Kay - interesting link, thanks, I hadn't heard this.

Zenpoet said...

I read your blog for quite a while, but this is the first time I write in the comment box. I like your frank way of expressing your views.

Zenpoet from Singapore