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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Like What I See

Straight guys often make me stop and think. And not just because I'm looking admiringly at them.

Now I have to say I've come to find visual porn does less and less for me now as I get older. I am not sure why this is. I far prefer reading something erotic or pornographic and making up the pictures in my head than watching it on dvd or in a magazine.

A while ago I was at a largely straight function, and in conversation I mentioned I was gay. It just came up. No really negative reactions, but one of the guys said he wasn't interested in that sort of thing, but hey, two girls going at! Whoar! The other men agreed. Why is this "Two Girls" thing (I won't grace it with the name of lesbian) thing so popular in their fantasies? Because it sure is. All that"girl-on-girl"porn, which is designed for men, and they think is just perfect, if only they were there in the middle, has fed the image in their minds for them. It's not often you hear a straight man, no matter how homophobic, say he hates "girl-on-girl" por. And the idea is very much that they are "girls" not women. Not adults. Fantasy figures. And of course, the gay world is rife with fantasy figures as well in our porn. Yet I don't think we get nearly as upset about it all as straights can.

I mean, I didn't say how much I'd like to see two of them going at it, ( wish I had now) but there were a couple of hotties there who would have been fun to see naked and enjoying each other. But I have to say seeing two straight guys go for it isn't one of my usual fantasies.

Now of course I do enjoy looking at what's around. Eye candy - if you're gay, bi or straight - who doesn't like it? And in summer, some of those men on skateboards - meals on wheels a friend calls them - well, they have distinct erotic appeal. Not to mention some of the various sports starts and other icons that are constantly paraded before us. Not to mention hot guys in the supermarket, on the bus, and all those DILFs out there. But I don't think they know I'm looking at them that way.

But so many straight men tend to get so pissed off if you even mention that you think they look hot. Yet they're more than happy to speculate about the sexiness and what they'd like to do with women and girls, so long as they don't actually overhear them saying it. It's their guilty little secret I guess. They look at their wife's best friend's daughter and think "She's 19 and legal and I'd do her". Think of the whole MILF phenomenon: it came from straight guys considering boundaries they'd like to cross, beause after all, identifying someone as a "Mum I'd like to fuck" (MILF) is just a bit transgressive,just a little Oedipal. I find it interesting because they're not identifying the woman as a hot woman, but as a "Mum". But of course, we have our DILFs too, as I noted above.

But if we even voice the same thoughts about any of them, or any man in the area, we're called sick, lecherous, or even worse. The old double-standard.For so many straight men, our sexual admiration is a threat.

Looking, and enjoying what we see, is a pretty normal part of being human. When does it turn to lechery though? I guess when it's obtrusive, and clearly unwelcome by whoever we're admiring.

With straight guys I guess there's always that little bit of fear, that if we find them sexy, maybe they could find men sexy too, and then their whole world would come crashing down around them. Not to mention the idea that it's ok for them to look on with lust, but not for anyone else.

Just because we enjoy the view doesn't mean we want to buy the property guys. You do it, you look, you leer, you think lecherous thoughts of those pretty girls and what you'd like to do to them - so don't be surprised that we do the same thing to you and your mates as well.

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The Reluctant Botanist said...

Interesting, although I know quite a few straight men who like the idea of gay men finding them attractive and openly expressing admiration for their looks etc...for me they are the JGE (just gay enough) straight men...